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Vshape Mattina

Vshape tiles are a combination of the strong points provided by wood with a practical nature of stoneware. The appearance and structure of wood are precisely mirrored by their design. It is very difficult to tell the difference between them and real wood, while the classic floor-board format only makes them more credible. These tiles are a great alternative to natural wood, which, despite being graceful, is less practical and sturdy than stoneware. Moreover, the ambience and nature of the designed space can be easily and effortlessly changed depending on the tile color chosen by the client.

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Excentrico is a constructive product of the openwork block function. It inspired by the Caribbean location where it is necessary for spaces to be permeable. This product serves the purpose of optimizing the natural ventilation of the architectural spaces inside achieving a better natural circulation used as a bioclimatic strategy. It is developed in 3 variants with the difference of the shape of the central hole.

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Produced by using digital printing technology and glazed, wall and floor tile, porcelain technologies. Texture has a uniform small stone effects with luster material. You can be enchanted when you see the sparkling stones in the design. When terrazzo stones are in fashion nowadays, this product has been the best work of real stone effect in ceramics. The reason why this product is designed in gray color tones is to preserve the naturalness. When you see the product due to the visual richness on the surface, you get the feeling of touch.

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The Puzzle tile has a pure and stylized form and a contemporary look. Thanks to its features of 3D design the tile can be placed in 4 ways, which provides a spectrum of possibilities. It can be freely combined to create a variety of abstract, geometric patterns playing with the changing light. The tiles can be installed as an accent in the space or cover the entire wall surface. Painting of some tiles in different colors can diversify the compositions. The Puzzle tiles are suitable for a range of interiors – utility, office or home spaces.

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Karst, a modular staircase designed for Governors Island in New York, is like a solutional cave for people to see and hear the flowing water, with a water filtering system that brings the sensation of nature into the house, connecting the community of humans and water. Each module has a pocket for placing a bag of crushed oyster shells. The shells composed of calcium carbonate can react with acid rain to help neutralize acidified ocean by absorbing carbon dioxide. In the end, it is a filter system that can blur the boundary between humans and nature on Governors Island.

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Nave is a terracotta tile system combined with water flow, used to cool indoor spaces in desertic environments. The cooling method is based on a local traditional cooling solution, and answers a local need. In the project, the tile transforms form a generic product, back into a local, tailored to place product. The system operates on minimal energy and water consumption and is used for green building. The system has three variations: wall tiles, partition and a totem vertical cooling body.

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